Repair the World, One Green Shirt at a Time

By Jesse Mayhew

David Pakman T-Shirts

David Pakman and his racing crew, proudly sporting their custom Reparel™ t-shirts.

Today t-shirts are the most popular garment sold worldwide. It is estimated that over 2 billion t-shirts are purchased each year, accounting for over $40 billion in sales annually. Since custom t-shirts are used to promote or commemorate just about everything, from rock concerts to family reunions to workplace retreats, they also make up the majority of the economy of branded or decorated apparel.

This all begs the question: what percentage of custom t-shirts could be considered sustainable apparel? How many branded shirts produced per year could qualify as eco-friendly clothing?

Here’s another staggering statistic: it is estimated that it takes roughly 320 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce a single cotton t-shirt. This data tells us that over 640 billion gallons of water are used annually towards the creation of t-shirts.

Imagine the amount of water saved annually simply if every team, company, and rock band in North America could commit to making certain that every one of their branded shirts was a shirt made from recycled fiber. This would be enough to start a green apparel revolution in this country! Shirts made from our Reparel™ fabric, for example, have used no water to grow our cotton and only 30% of the water used in the processing/finishing of the fabric. Every time someone purchases a shirt from Repair the World®, they are helping save 160 gallons of water!

You can help to make this a reality by insisting to your co-workers, teammates, bandmates, or any other group you are involved with that you purchase only eco-friendly apparel. If, in addition to this, companies such as CafePress and BustedTees – companies that function primarily as t-shirt wholesalers – took up a pledge to exclusively offer eco-friendly shirts, this would have a profoundly positive sustainable impact. While organic shirts are a step in the right direction, committing to purchasing the sort of 100% recycled fiber shirt made available at Repair the World® would be an even more sustainable decision.

At Repair the World®, we are happy to work closely with companies and organizations who are commited to change in order to make our sustainable apparel options economically feasible. Place your order with us today!

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